Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A tale of two Lazy Clients.

These are recent phone conversations I just had to share.

The first call comes via one of our sainted receptionists.  I don't envy them their job. 

Latesleeper:  Hi, I need to make an appointment for Tuesday for my dog.

Saint J:  Ok, well, D has an 8 AM appointment available for that day.

LS:  WHAT!  Tuesday is my day off!  I'd like to sleep in that day!  Can't I come later??

St. J:  I'm sorry that is all she has available for Tuesday.

LS: Well, forget it then! *CLICK*

......20 minutes later.....

LS:  Hi, I need to make an appointment for my dog on Tuesday, do you still have that 8 AM appointment available? 

St. J:  Yes, it's still there, do you want it?

LS: I guess so.  <annoyed tone of voice>  I had no idea everyone in town is so busy this week!

What the heck? So, she called everyone else in town, and no one could give her what she wanted.   Do these people do this when they call the dentist's office? 

The second call was one I was involved in.  I had called an owner whose dog I had on the table at the time, to ask a question about the haircut.  After we settled that question, the conversation took a turn for the crazy.

Client:  How do her ears look today?  She has been scratching at them.

D: They actually look really good.  However, I can't see down inside the ear canal, and if she continues to be bothered by her ears, she should see the Dr.

C:  You know.. I've been meaning to talk to you about that.  You know I've been seeing the new Dr.  (she now starts to whisper)  I don't mean to get you in the middle of all this..

(OH BOY, I'm thinking , HERE it comes, what could've happened??)

C:  She told me that I needed to clean my dog's ears every week.

D:  (silence ... I don't really have any clue what is so wrong with that request)

C:  I don't want to do that!  I used to always just let you clean them every month when she got groomed.

D:  <Wow>  Well, certainly  weekly ear cleaning goes with good pet care.... especially if your dog is prone to ear problems.

I don't even remember how this call ended... I was so shocked that she would fault a Vet for suggesting basic care.  SIGH.  Come ON people!

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  1. Ha! I never know how you do it, really. People are nuts.