Monday, January 31, 2011

T. M. I.

Sometimes, my innocent comments or advice, make me very, very sorry that I ever brought the subject up.

Me:   I wonder if anyone has suggested that you get your dog neutered.  He is cryptorchid, which means that one of his testicles hasn't descended.  It's not healthy for him. 

Client:  I might want to breed him.

Me:  Dogs that are cryptorchid shouldn't be bred, as it can be a genetic problem.

Client:  Oh, no, it's fine.  My son has the same problem and he has 3 kids.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Responsible, much?

Me:  When would you like to come back to pick up your dog?

Client:  Oh, I'll come after work.

Me:  Ok, we close at 5.

Client: Oh..yes, could someone please call and remind me right before 5.  I sometimes forget him.

****YES.  This does happen (this was just today). People actually forget they have left their dog at the groomers.  Many times we have had to give the dog a bed, some food and water, and board them over night.  How sad is that?  Many times they tell us they get home from work and the kids say "where is the dog?"  Nice.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reasons why

Many times we have "disagreements" with clients on exactly how long it should take to groom their dog.  Everyone has the busiest life EVER, so could I please get their dog done FAST. 

It actually takes time to groom a dog (at least to make it look good)..I know, it's shocking.  There's that whole, give them a bath, give them a haircut, etc, etc, not to mention the time it takes to re-bathe and dry someone who forgot to poop before they got to their grooming appointment.

Their dog isn't the ONLY dog I groom all day...more shocking news. (it would be extremely difficult to pay my mortgage if this was a fact)

I can't get everyone's dog done by noon...really.  I promise not to take a lunch, and only go to the bathroom when absolutely necessary.  (not kidding, here)

Sometimes when I give the bad news that I will have to keep their dog longer than 2 hours, I get the "GASP" and clutching of the chest.  Picture someone having a heart attack on TV.  That is what they look like.  Really.

We hear it all. 
"I have company coming at 12, I have to be home before then"
"I have to be to work by 1"
"But, the cable guy said he'd be at my house between 10 and 5, I have to be home for that!"

I'm thinking MAYbe it wasn't the best day to make a grooming appointment for your dog...huh?

Then we get the sympathy excuses
"MY dog has separation anxiety and can't possibly be away from me for that long"
"But I'll miss him"
"He always has to have lunch with my husband"
"He can't POSSIBLY be left in a cage under any circumstances, he doesn't like them.  I'll just wait here for him"

I especially love it when it's either a huge hairy dog, or one who hasn't had a haircut in 7 months.  They are shocked when I tell them how long it will take, and give the classic "THAT LONG??"  comment.

Many times people will show up late to their appointment (sometimes over an hour late) and the first words out of their mouth are "How soon can you get her done, I'm running behind today."  No kidding.  Me too.

This however is my all-time favorite reason for why an elderly client  needed their dog ASAP (told to me by my co-worker): 
"I'm nearly out of oxygen".

Really??? Think ahead people!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

This one says it all.

I know, I know, it's lazy of me not to write an original post for my blog.  However, when someone makes a video as truthful as this one, I just had to post it.  Apparently there are many groomers out there needing to vent.  The best part about this video is the "puppy cut" request.  We get that one daily.  Right down to the "my neighbor said I should request a puppy cut".  Seriously, they actually say that.  Enjoy.

Friday, January 21, 2011

If you are going to bathe your dog at home....

You have to also brush it!!!  I can't tell you how many times someone brings in a very clean, very fluffy little dog, who is covered in matting head to toe.  We call these matts, "bath matts" because that is exactly what causes them, too much bathing,and too little brushing (or more likely, no brushing at all).

This little girl came in after being left in a long trim in October.  Her owner had obviously been putting her in the tub weekly since then.   Thankfully, she realized the problem and didn't argue when I told her there was only one choice for the haircut today.
Yes, that is her coat lying on the table beside her.  It actually came off in one piece.  I bet she feels much better without that tight matting all over her body. 

In this photo I am holding it up so you can see it's all one huge matted pelt of fur. 

There was no other choice but to shave this dog down, trying to brush out that kind of extreme matting, would just be torture to the dog.  I don't do that.  She was no worse for the wear, and hopefully what I said to the client got through to them.    This kind of matting also happens when dogs constantly swim or get wet in the snow.   Usually, we see this kind of thing in the spring, but thankfully, even though the temps are really cold right now, her owners didn't wait.  Contrary to popular belief, matting will not dissolve in water, the only way to avoid this mess is to brush your dog out after each bath.  (preferably before AND after).

Friday, January 14, 2011

That's the attitude!

Once in a while, we get complaints about pricing.  We hear "it costs more to have my dog's hair cut than it does my own".  Really??? Does your hairdresser also trim your nails as part of your haircut? Give you a whole body bath (eww) not to mention all the other things (no, really, I'm not going to mention are welcome) that are done during the course of your dog's groom?  Oh, and do you actually hold STILL for your haircut? 

The other day this comment was heard at the front desk, it was given by a client dropping off her dog for a grooming.  "I wish I could get a full day at the spa for $50.00"


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Mohawk, and the answer to yesterday's puzzle.

While downloading pictures from my phone yesterday, I found this guy. My co-worker did this mohawk.  Apparently the owner wanted all hair removed except that mohawk.  People are strange. 

Back to Mr. Adorable, Charlie...

So, since most people guessed Charlie's breed(s) on my facebook page instead of posting on the blog, let's do a re-cap.

We had the following guesses:  Yorkie-Maltese, Papillon-Lhasa, Lhasa-Terrier, Briard mix, Silkie-Fox Terrier,  Heinz 57, Papillon-Jack Russell-Westie or Cairn Terrier, Papillon- Shih Tzu, Papillon-Shih Tzu-Yorkie, Shih Tzu-Chinese Crested, and Shih Tzu- Corgi.    All great guesses, but none correct.  Charlie's Mom was.... a Pomeranian! Those who guessed he was part Shih Tzu, were right (well 1/2 right, anyway).  Thanks to all who tried.  I will have to find more interesting mixes to challenge you with.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Any Guesses?

This is Charlie

I think Charlie is one of the cutest mixed breed dogs I groom.  You've got to love those ears!!   Sorry for the rotten's from my phone, which isn't the best.   I wondered if anyone can guess what mix he is?  Right now Charlie is a young puppy, so he doesn't get much of a haircut yet, and I must admit, I think the scruffy look is perfect for him.  Check back tomorrow for Charlie's parentage, but I'd love to hear your guesses!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Grooming Clients Say the Darndest Things.

Client:  She (Cocker Spaniel) has stinky feet.  It's just awful.

Groomer:  Well, maybe once we trim the pads of her feet they won't stay so wet.  Hopefully that will help control the smell.

Client:  I don't know, her feet smell like gym socks.

Groomer:  (jokingly) "Maggie*, do you smell like a locker room?"

Client:  YEAH...she smells exactly like a dirty jock strap.

Groomer: ???? (silence)

*Dog's name has been changed to prevent embarrassment. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

But, it's too cold!

I live in Minnesota.  It's cold here in the winter.  Every. Single. Winter.  We have been blessed with a few warmer winters lately, but this year, it's the real deal, and it's only going to get worse.

Today, my co-worker had one of those clients that likes to use the weather as an excuse for why her dog hasn't been groomed recently. 

This Lhasa Apso, (in case you didn't know, this breed has LONG, thick, hair, that actually needs brushing, and/or trimming to keep it looking good) was in rough shape.  He was horribly matted, and overgrown.  His owner claimed that she had been waiting to get him groomed, because it's been so cold.  His last grooming was.....wait for JUNE!!!  By my calculations, he should've had at least 2 groomings inbetween then and now.  At which time we could've actually left his coat somewhat long.  Today, unfortunately, he had to be shaved very short to get rid of the matting.  It was  13 degrees BELOW zero this morning.  I hope he has a sweater.

Of course, you realize that it was obviously the groomer's responsiblity that her dog was going to be cold.  That is why they tell us these sob they feel less guilty for the neglect of their dog (who has lived in MN all of his 8 years).  We just let them know that we have no choice, now.  In September we may have still had a choice.  Whatever the reason for skipping  all those haircuts: money, "forgetting", or just plain laziness; I sincerely doubt that the weather had much to do with it.  It does sound good though.  We get many people who start telling us in August that they are going to "let his hair grow for the winter".  We try to educate them, every year, how starting that soon, can only lead to a matted dog in January or February, when those dogs need their coats the most.   Now many of you reading this actually do brush your dogs, and won't be able to get this concept.  I've mentioned before, 98% of our clientele NEVER brush their dogs.  A haircut is necessary in these cases, and matted hair is not only very uncomfortable to the dog, it is not keeping their dog warm.

We keep saying "someday, they will learn", but so far, it hasn't really happened yet.  I can hope, right?