Friday, January 28, 2011

Responsible, much?

Me:  When would you like to come back to pick up your dog?

Client:  Oh, I'll come after work.

Me:  Ok, we close at 5.

Client: Oh..yes, could someone please call and remind me right before 5.  I sometimes forget him.

****YES.  This does happen (this was just today). People actually forget they have left their dog at the groomers.  Many times we have had to give the dog a bed, some food and water, and board them over night.  How sad is that?  Many times they tell us they get home from work and the kids say "where is the dog?"  Nice.


  1. So sad :( I can't imagine forgetting my dogs anywhere.

  2. I ridiculous. I can only imagine they have forgotten their kids places as well.