Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reasons why

Many times we have "disagreements" with clients on exactly how long it should take to groom their dog.  Everyone has the busiest life EVER, so could I please get their dog done FAST. 

It actually takes time to groom a dog (at least to make it look good)..I know, it's shocking.  There's that whole, give them a bath, give them a haircut, etc, etc, not to mention the time it takes to re-bathe and dry someone who forgot to poop before they got to their grooming appointment.

Their dog isn't the ONLY dog I groom all day...more shocking news. (it would be extremely difficult to pay my mortgage if this was a fact)

I can't get everyone's dog done by noon...really.  I promise not to take a lunch, and only go to the bathroom when absolutely necessary.  (not kidding, here)

Sometimes when I give the bad news that I will have to keep their dog longer than 2 hours, I get the "GASP" and clutching of the chest.  Picture someone having a heart attack on TV.  That is what they look like.  Really.

We hear it all. 
"I have company coming at 12, I have to be home before then"
"I have to be to work by 1"
"But, the cable guy said he'd be at my house between 10 and 5, I have to be home for that!"

I'm thinking MAYbe it wasn't the best day to make a grooming appointment for your dog...huh?

Then we get the sympathy excuses
"MY dog has separation anxiety and can't possibly be away from me for that long"
"But I'll miss him"
"He always has to have lunch with my husband"
"He can't POSSIBLY be left in a cage under any circumstances, he doesn't like them.  I'll just wait here for him"

I especially love it when it's either a huge hairy dog, or one who hasn't had a haircut in 7 months.  They are shocked when I tell them how long it will take, and give the classic "THAT LONG??"  comment.

Many times people will show up late to their appointment (sometimes over an hour late) and the first words out of their mouth are "How soon can you get her done, I'm running behind today."  No kidding.  Me too.

This however is my all-time favorite reason for why an elderly client  needed their dog ASAP (told to me by my co-worker): 
"I'm nearly out of oxygen".

Really??? Think ahead people!!


  1. This is so funny because I'm always amazed at how FAST my boys are done. They take a hell of a long time to dry when I do them, even when I put them under a dryer, so I'm totally impressed if they are done by 1 after being dropped off at 8am. My groomer knows that if they get an emergency like someone's elderly dying dog needing a bath, I don't mind waiting till 5 or whatever. As a result, when I say I'd like to get them by 1 because we are headed on a 500 mile roadtrip, they don't mind! (that and probably that i tip 25%).

    I am still amazed about the time the National was in Santa Rosa in 2008 - Stan and his sister needed grooming for bitch classes/BOB after being at the show all week...I left SR with Stan and Nan at 4:30am (to beat the hellacious traffic), got home at 6:30am and let them play in my house, took them to the groomer at 8, went for a run from there, and they called me at 10am to tell me both beardies were done. *stunned*

  2. Yeah...I'd get your dogs done fast for a 25% tip too! HA!!!

    I'll admit, I think there are groomers that just do one dog at a time, more like a hairdresser does. Their turnaround time is probaby much faster. We try to keep dogs at least 4 hours. I do multiple dogs at once (8-12. I do rough (pre-bath) trims, baths, finish trims, constantly rotating. No dog has to say on the table for super long, nor are they stuck in a cage all day.

    Now, a client that has been loyal (sometimes flexible, when I need them to be), and plans ahead with their appointments, takes decent care of their dogs..well, yes, they do get first priority much of the time on the early go homes. :)

  3. Oh lordie...PLAN PEOPLE! :) Seriously...

    Klink has grinch feet...I need to get to that...as I just remembered it...maybe I should like, brush her...she DID get a bath 2 days ago...hmmmmmm