Monday, January 3, 2011

But, it's too cold!

I live in Minnesota.  It's cold here in the winter.  Every. Single. Winter.  We have been blessed with a few warmer winters lately, but this year, it's the real deal, and it's only going to get worse.

Today, my co-worker had one of those clients that likes to use the weather as an excuse for why her dog hasn't been groomed recently. 

This Lhasa Apso, (in case you didn't know, this breed has LONG, thick, hair, that actually needs brushing, and/or trimming to keep it looking good) was in rough shape.  He was horribly matted, and overgrown.  His owner claimed that she had been waiting to get him groomed, because it's been so cold.  His last grooming was.....wait for JUNE!!!  By my calculations, he should've had at least 2 groomings inbetween then and now.  At which time we could've actually left his coat somewhat long.  Today, unfortunately, he had to be shaved very short to get rid of the matting.  It was  13 degrees BELOW zero this morning.  I hope he has a sweater.

Of course, you realize that it was obviously the groomer's responsiblity that her dog was going to be cold.  That is why they tell us these sob they feel less guilty for the neglect of their dog (who has lived in MN all of his 8 years).  We just let them know that we have no choice, now.  In September we may have still had a choice.  Whatever the reason for skipping  all those haircuts: money, "forgetting", or just plain laziness; I sincerely doubt that the weather had much to do with it.  It does sound good though.  We get many people who start telling us in August that they are going to "let his hair grow for the winter".  We try to educate them, every year, how starting that soon, can only lead to a matted dog in January or February, when those dogs need their coats the most.   Now many of you reading this actually do brush your dogs, and won't be able to get this concept.  I've mentioned before, 98% of our clientele NEVER brush their dogs.  A haircut is necessary in these cases, and matted hair is not only very uncomfortable to the dog, it is not keeping their dog warm.

We keep saying "someday, they will learn", but so far, it hasn't really happened yet.  I can hope, right?

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