Tuesday, September 4, 2012

T. M. I.

Many times we find out things about our clients that we just don't want to know.  Friday was no exception.

A man brought in his dog for a groom, and immediately started apologizing that his wife wasn't there to drop the dog off.  Here comes the TMI part..  He then went on to say that his wife had eaten "too much licorice" and now had "the diarrhea".  Nice.  I'm sure his wife appreciates her intestinal distress issues being broadcast to virtual strangers. 

Of course, who knew that too much licorice can cause problems, other than sugar overload?  I guess that information could be helpful.  (?)  I do learn something new every day.   It must have been black licorice.. I hate black licorice.

Of course, the informational overload didn't stop there.  His wife sent a note.  We haven't had a good note in a while.

In case you can't quite read it, it says "Short all over.  Clean face please.  Some off tail - Just a trim there."  AND... the most important part "Just like last time- it was perfect"

So.. if it was perfect last time.. why waste all that effort writing a note, with detailed instructions when a "same as last time" would've sufficed?  Story of our lives. *sigh.

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