Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I just had to get a couple of stories down on the blog, so I don't forget them.

People are still horrified that we are 2 weeks out on groom appointments.  I really don't feel that is that far out, but what do I know.  We can only do what we can do. Due to this fact, people like to blame us for the condition of their pet. 

Today, when I walked up to take in a Cocker Spaniel Mix, I couldn't help but comment on how shaggy she was.  She was really a mess!  The owner quickly gives me the reason.  "Well, YEAH, I've had such a hard time getting in to this place for a grooming!  I look down at the record in my hand and see the date of the last grooming.  July 7, 2012.  Yeah.. I'm sure that it's my fault for not getting you in the day you called.  Seriously???  I even told her the date of the last grooming, and she was surprised.  She thought it had been longer. (??)

This gem came from one of the sainted receptionists:  A person called, didn't give their name or the dogs name, just said "my dog needs to get in to be detailed"  Uh.. say what? You see, I work at a vet clinic, so immediately she thought the owner wanted the dog's tail removed (De-Tailed).  She asked the person to repeat what was needed for the dog.  "I need him DETAILED".  O. K...  She then switched gears and asked for the name, which didn't ring a bell. One more time she asked.  The response was "You know, nail trim, bath, the whole detail package".  OHHHHH.  You want your dog groomed?  "Yeah.. ha ha ha.."  I'm sure other people laugh at the funny joke, but the receptionists don't really have time.  Come on, people!

Finally, we've gotten to the point that we are so busy, all the time, that many times we don't care if someone no-shows.  Sometimes we are just relieved to have an easier day for once.  Sure, I still fit people in off our waiting list that sometimes needs to be on two pages it's so large, but it's less of a priority these days.  I know.. I should be glad to make the money.  I AM.  Very grateful.  But see the prior blog about who will get called off the waiting list, and who will likely NOT get called. Burnout is something I don't want to experience, so I take easier days when I can.   I had a cat on my schedule a couple of weeks ago.  His owner is a notorious no-shower.  You can call and remind him, but it does no good.  So, normally we don't waste the time it takes to call.  His appointment was at 8 AM.  By 9, I was pretty sure I was home-free.  He called at 9:30.  The receptionist told me he was "running a little late", and was that ok?  I said, sure, he can still come in if he's here by 10:00.  Yeah.. that wouldn't work for him, could he still come if he was there by 11:00?  Uh.. NO.  3 hours late?  I don't think so.   My guess is the party went a little long last night and he was still in his pajamas.   I feel bad for the cat, because he's always neglected and matted, but I just couldn't deal with starting the cat that late.  A little late, is 5-15 minutes, in my humble opinion.  I thought I was being generous with 2 hours.  To the end of the schedule he went.  I wonder if he'll show up next week?


  1. I just found this blog because I was looking for some tips on dog grooming, so I could cut my dog's hair myself. I've been pleasantly surprised to find that instead there are a bunch of entertaining stories instead. While this isn't entirely what I've been looking for, reading some of your posts has been worth it for the laughs!
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  2. I agree that it's important to be on-time, especially to the pet groomer's when you are going to be one of many people they will help that day. You don't want to stress them out, you want to give them plenty of time to do the job you're paying for. It's considerate to both you and them.

  3. Wow, some pet owners are just too rude! Jordan http://www.masterclip.co.uk/