Thursday, March 24, 2011

Might as well talk to the wall.

Mr. Easyfix:  My puppy has horrible gas in the evenings.  It just about peels the paint off the walls.  What can I do for that??

Me:  What food are you feeding.

Mr. Easyfix:  XYZ Fancy chow.  It's really good food.

Me:  Yes that is a very good food, but it's also very rich.  I would recommend you change his diet to something else.

Mr. Easyfix:  Well, you see I have this dog, and then I have 2 others, and they are really big dogs, and they eat alot of food.  I buy my food in bulk right from the distributer.  So, I have alot of food in my house right now.  I don't see how I could switch dog foods, I have so much of this food.  My other 2 dogs don't have gas.

Me:  I really think that would be the best thing to try right now, obviously the food doesn't agree with him somehow.

Mr. Easyfix:  I really have alot of food right now. That won't work. What can I do for his gas?

**  It went on this way for a while, and I finally told him to speak with his Vet.  Perhaps they have the magic pill.  *SIGH*

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