Monday, March 14, 2011

What's in a name?

This is a subject I think anyone in the pet industry can relate to.  Whether you are a Vet, Technician, Dog Trainer, or Boarding Establishment Employee, you know what I'm talking about!

There are some really cute dog names out there.   However, when you work in this business, I guarantee there are a few you'd NEVER name your new puppy.  Perhaps it's regional, I don't know, but there are names that are the kiss of death when chosen for a new dog.

The thing is, dogs tend to take on the personality of the name.  Seriously.  Sparky, Cujo (Sorry, Molly M. I know your Cujo isn't a bad boy) Nipper, Chewy... dogs with these names tend to bite. I'm serious. 

Then we have the names that even though they seem innocent enough, ALWAYS mean the dog will be a brat.  Angel, Princess, and Prince are some great examples.  Of course we all know that the reason these names don't go well is because their owners actually treat them like a Princess, instead of a dog.  They let them do whatever they want, and they rule the house.  I know this is the reason.  Does that mean I would EVER name a dog of mine Angel...just to try out this theory? No way in hell!

There are some names where I work that have bad dogs attached to them, no matter who it's owner is.  I've got to say, nearly all Tuckers we see are horrid monsters.  Who knows why.  Today I found a new name that goes with cranky dogs.  Elvis.  I groomed a very crabby one today, and the only other one I know, sent my coworker J to the hospital  for surgery to remove a bone chip in her finger, put there by that Elvis. She was out of work for 6 weeks.

Naming  your dog isn't easy, but some people just come up with the best names.  We had one dog named "Onza"  Her owners named her that because she was always "onza couch" and "onza bed". HA!  One that really made us laugh was the dog named "D.L.D."  The initials stood for "Don's Last Dog"...he apparently didn't want any more after that one. 

My biggest complaint is people who just can't manage to think up a new name for that new puppy.  We have lots of  "Max the Second"'s or Gretta the 7th's.  Come on!!  I just think it's rude to keep naming your dogs the same name over and over. :(

So, be careful what you name your next pet.  Just because you name your dog Chubby, doesn't make it ok that he is obese.   If you want it to be well-behaved, don't name it Rowdy or Trouble. Yep, most of the Gabby's I know are barkers!   And for gosh sakes, please don't name it Puddles.  Training would be great too...but, give the poor dog a chance!


  1. Haha, don't apologize to me, it's my husband's dog (and naming). We had an Elvis at our wedding - while he was a very strange Chessie, I don't think he bit anyone (who didn't deserve it, ie every mailman he saw).

    My pet peeve is people who name their agility border collies things like Menace, Rampage, etc and then are shocked when the dog is a monster.

  2. Quick, what does my dog's name (Maisy) say about her?

  3. Welcome, Crystal! I know many dogs named Maisy, and they are all sweet! It's a great name!

  4. I admit I am terrible at naming dogs. Harmony and Nan kept the names their breeders gave them. Kendra was named as a joke. Fail. Hanging my head in shame. LOL

  5. From Patti W (I accidentally deleted her comment)
    "Good point and another great post! :-)... We trial with many who live up to their names!... "

  6. We're fostering an Elvis and he is a stubborn old man who likes to use his teeth. He's good sometimes too, but I'll add to that. I bet he'd be a terror to groom. Thank goodness he's a bulldog and I can manage him at home!

  7. I know this post is a bit old, but I named my dog Jynx and I used to win contests all the time - since my dog... I can't even win a game of bingo.

  8. My chihuahua is Violet Rose, and it fits her!