Monday, April 4, 2011

Breakfast in Bed

My friends on facebook have heard this one before, in fact it's one of the "sad but true" stories that caused a couple of them to encourage me to start this blog.  I felt it needed repeating on here.  I think you will agree.

Client:  I'm sorry she's matted today.  Someone put a pancake in our bed and the dog rolled in it.

Let's break this down.  Someone?  Like, you don't know who would've put it there???  What kind of household do you live in?  Just a pancake, no plate?   Most people at least blame the kids.  The dog rolled in it.  Huh.  I'm sorry she's matted today.  So, was it the syrup that caused the matting, or the actual act of rolling on the pancake that caused it?? 

I would've loved to ask all those questions, but it's really just easier to take the dog, smile and assure them it's no problem, so I guess I'll never know the answers.

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  1. The sad but true part of my reply is that I could totally see my kids putting a pancake in bed. The good thing is that the two dogs I have that could get matted are too old to jump in bed! Thanks for your encouraging reply to my last comment- I'm going to try to pick up some work with a groomer this fall when my youngest starts preschool.:)