Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This is why you should never "fit someone in"

It's a running joke (well, it's not really that funny to us) between my co-worker and I,  that you WILL be burned every time you "fit" someone in on a day you are completely booked.  That "small" dog will be a Newfoundland mix that hasn't seen a bath since...NEVER.  The "easy" dog will have just a slight diarrhea problem, and the "face trim" will turn into a full blown haircut. 

Today, I fell into the trap.  It's "just a Lab".  Well, it was a Lab mix...mixed with a German Shepherd, but I knew the dog, so thought I was safe.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The receptionist let me know this client wanted to get in today.  Not tomorrow, when I actually HAD open appointments.  "They are getting their groceries today."  OK.. so I gave some criteria.  They could come in as late as 11:00, but would have to stay no less than 4 hours.  No exceptions, since I was fitting them in, and I knew the dog would be blowing coat.  The receptionist repeated this to the client exactly (thank you, S, I know you tried!).  They said that was fine, and they'd be in at around 11. 

10:55 AM:  Dog is dropped off...early.  BONUS...things are looking good.  I repeat to the client that I will need his dog until 3PM.  Simple, right?

12:30 PM:  Receptionist calls me, asking if the dog is done...uh...NO.  It'll be 3:00

1:30 PM:  I go up front to return a different dog to it's owner...the Lab's owner is there.  "When will my dog be done?"  Um...3:00.  Sorry.  (I just said I was sorry...I didn't mean it.) 

2:30 PM:  Receptionist calls back to me again.  "Is the dog done yet?" (They know the answer, of course, but have to ask, as the owner is standing right there) NO,  It'll be 3:00. 

I really didn't have the dog done yet...I had a ton of other dogs I was grooming..that actually made their appointment ahead of time.  Of course, now, even if I had been done..I wouldn't have let the dog go home before the agreed upon time.  He's really annoying me now.

3:10 PM:  He shows up for his dog...10 MINUTES LATE???  What is up with that??  Wow.

Surprisingly enough..he will have to make an appointment next time.  Go figure.

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