Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mr. Fusspot and The Big Mamoo

Did I get your attention with that title?  It kind of sounds like a Dr. Seuss book or something. 

Mr. Fusspot is a Pomeranian that came in for a groom the other day.  Who names their dog that??  How did he get his name?  Was he a fussy puppy?  He was perfectly quiet in our kennel areas, not much of a "fusspot" at all.  Anyway, his name made us laugh and reminded us of another crazy-named dog.

The Big Mamoo was an Old English Sheepdog that we groomed many years ago.  Yep, they called her "THE Big Mamoo".  Nothing for short...that was what they called her.  She was pretty big...but what the hell is a Mamoo?   My Co-worker J was grooming Mamoo (we shortened her name..it was just easier) one day, and they requested a call when she was done.  J got on the phone, and the conversation went something like this:

Client: Hello? Note:  The voice on the other line sounded elderly, which sometimes makes you speak just a bit louder than you normally would.

J:  Hi, this is J and The Big Mamoo is ready to go home.

Client:  WHAT? 


Client: WHO????


Client:  WHO IS THIS???

J:  Uh...Is this the Olson home??

Client: NO!

J: OH, sorry to have bothered you.

Whoopsie.  She dialed the wrong number.  We laughed until we cried that day, and still do when we think about it.  What must they have thought on the other end of the line?!?!?    We could only wonder what if Mr. Fusspot's owner left a number where she could be reached, and we called to let the wrong people know he was ready to be picked up!  I'm sure they would hang up on us, at least I would if someone told me I needed to pick up Mr. Fusspot.


  1. Hahahahahahaha! That's like last night where my husband answered and a 2 yo kept saying "hi daddy! hi daddy!" Finally "Mommy" got on and Jeff told her it was a wrong # and she was so embarrassed!

  2. HA!! Yep, exactly like that Molly!

  3. OMG TOO FUNNY! I was laughing so hard that my dog thought something was wrong with me!!!! She came to make sure I wasn't dying or something :) LOL!! Wow!

  4. I started laughing out loud just typing this post. Really one of the all time funniest things we've had happen.