Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Favorite Things

Just so you've been warned, I want to go on record that this post will be NOTHING like Oprah's favorite things.  No one will get any free or cool stuff, by reading this post.  Sorry.  I hope you still want to read my blog.

I have a few tools that I just can't live without.  I'm sure every groomer has them.  Today, I was reminded of something that I would be in BIG trouble without. 

She looks pretty innocent doesn't she?

WRONG.  This little girlie won't let anyone near her feet or nails.  Notice her pushed in nose.  Brachiocephalic breeds (and cats, of any breed)  give groomers a special challenge.  It's very hard to muzzle these guys.  They just don't have a nose to attach the muzzle to.  Here's how I take care of that.

Yes, she has a box on her head.

It's a homemade muzzle.  We call it the "smooshy face muzzle". I purchased the first one I owned, at grooming school.  Some genius former student got the idea for them, and made them to sell.  She really should've patented them and gotten rich.  As far as I know, she never did.  It's made from the plastic mesh stuff you get in craft stores.  Then it's sewn together, and it has a collar crocheted to it, which gathers to tighten around the dogs neck, so they can't get it off.    This one is a replicated original disappeared (can you say PANIC?) and luckily a talented co-worker made this one for me. Thanks K!    The dogs don't mind it much, of course dogs that bite are bothered by anything that gets in the way of them using their teeth, but it works really well.  They can see through the mesh, and of course breath easily.  Some dogs are actually calmed by it. 

As you can see this little darling isn't too upset.  It really is a life-saver.  Plus it has the added benefit of making anyone laugh that walks by the grooming room door.  * *Warning, this muzzle isn't completely fool-proof.  The dogs really bent on biting learn they can push their nose right up against the muzzle and pinch through the holes.  Still, it's much better than anything else we have for these guys. 

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