Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Matted Hair I.D. and Amazing Clients

Isn't this blog fun?  Where else can you find entertainment like this?  Ok, don't answer that.  If you are super bored, read on. 

Today, I took this matt off a dog today.  Any guesses what it was? 

That's it laying on it's side..a perfect hole in the middle of it.  I *might* have been using it as a finger puppet earlier in the day.

And...here it is standing up.  It was actually able to stand upright that way!  It's the little things that make my day fun. 

We'll get back to that. 

I wanted to post about our amazing clients.  How they give us little gifts at the oddest times, which sometimes make us cry.

Pretty, huh?  J got these from a client, who had just lost their beloved dog.  I know??!!  They lose their dog, and they send her flowers?? What is up with that, isn't it kind of backwards??  We should be sending them flowers.  I told you, AMAZING.  There was a sweet note that came with the flowers, thanking her for all the years she took care of their dog.

And look...they were Daisies! This is the really touching part.. the dog's name was Daisy! 

Our clients do things like this.  Our veterinarian staff many times get baked goods after a euthanasia, they also get flowers and beautiful  homemade cards.  It's so good to know we made such an impact in their dog's life that they take time out to do these things, even in the saddest of days.   We appreciate them so much.  I've always thought it was an interesting thing, how the death of a pet bonds a client to you.    You would think it would be cards for "thanks for giving my puppy her first haircut" or "good job on getting that dead animal smell out of him".  I guess it makes sense though, all that time spent with their pet over the course of a life, it's pretty important.

We do get little gifts at other times as well, and I actually did get a very nice gift card for fitting in a couple of skunk dogs!  Ha!  I think the funniest one was a card and bath salts I got from a dog because it was the 1 year anniversary of his 1st haircut!  I felt bad..I didn't get him anything!

Back to this..I know you are dying to know.  It's the tail I shaved off of a Standard Poodle!!  So matted it came off in one piece.  That dog went home a whole lot happier! 

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