Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm a Winnah!

I thought you all would love to hear about a blog I read.  It's called Shaggy Dog Stories  Rants, Raves and Doggie Stuff Galore. The blog focuses on all things dog.  You will find out all about new products to try, and find out how the blog writer liked them.  The really fun part about this blog is the many cool give-a-ways they have.  I have actually won 2 of these, but since the most recent one was grooming related, I thought I better tell you about it. 

As I was backing out of my garage this morning I noticed I had neglected to find the Fed Ex package propped up against the "people" door (ususally I just use my garage door opener to get in and out) the night before.  So, I scooped it up and brought it to work.  I'm lucky it wasn't frozen solid, but it was really well-packed so it was just a bit cold.  It was very convenient timing, since I was bathing my own 2 dogs today, so I got to try it out right away.

Here is what arrived from EO Products. We aren't talking little sample bottles either!

Lavender and Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner and Citrus Mint detangler

EO Products has lots of natural and organic human products as well. Check them out!  The scents were AMAZING.  I know I should be all about the chemistry of a shampoo, but I'm a sucker for great smelling shampoos (for me and my dogs).  I especially loved the citrus and mint scent of the detangler.  YUM!  The shampoo cleaned my dirty dogs very well (it was a good test, as they have been running agility in a dirt floor arena every week), and I was especially happy with the fact that I could dilute it quite a bit and still got lots of suds.  The detangler I think works pretty well, but the spray nozzle is pretty small, and with my hairy dogs, it didn't cover much with each spray.  So, I kind of used it as a perfume. :)  I'm going to try and put it into one of my bigger spray bottles and dilute it down a bit. (it's almost a lotion)
River didn't think it was necessary to try any new products today.


2 Clean Dogs!

Thank you Shaggy Dog Stories and EO Products!

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 Be sure you visit.  You could be a Winnah! too!!


  1. SUCH handsome boys!!!! Makes me feel bad because my dogs are dirty muddy messes right now.

  2. Thanks, Molly! I should've taken a before..then you wouldn't have felt so bad. :)