Monday, June 4, 2012

Can you fix this?

Sometimes, they try to pretend nothing is wrong (like I'm not going to notice!).

Sometimes, they blame their husband.

Sometimes, they tell me how they just didn't have money for a grooming last month, so they thought they'd try it themselves.

Can you fix this? 

Most of the time.. not really, but we try.  We do have a decent amount of people who will try and then fail to groom their own dogs. Then, after spending all that time (most will tell us it took all day), they must pay us to fix the haircut.  If the dog is lucky, there was no bloodshed. 

Some don't even go out and buy a clipper.  Here is a prime example of a home SCISSOR trimmed dog.

It kind of resembles a turtle shell.. I should've made this a "guess what this is" game.

Anyone know what kind of dog this is?

There's a little wider view.  The dog came in looking like this.. no trimming had started yet.  The problem was that those line were right down to the skin!  Sadly, there was no way to get it completely smooth, short of Nair.

There were still faint lines in the coat.  A #10 blade was used.  Going any shorter would've been pretty bald.

It was a Shih Tzu, by the way.  Oh well, at least they left the face alone for the most part.

I saw this cartoon on Facebook recently, that says it all:

Sad, but sometimes true, though I do have customers that do a pretty good job of haircuts at home to cut costs.  I do understand needing to save some money, just know, grooming is not as easy as it looks!


  1. Phew! I had to really look for those lines after your fix. Beautiful job!

  2. Great job! LOVE the cartoon.
    Lisa, MFF