Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm telling you.. Doodle HELL.

This was a crazy week.  Our schedule has exploded into booked-solid madness.  That makes me happy.  It also makes me tired.  Hard work = bigger paycheck, it's easy math.

Tuesday actually wasn't crazy.  I was annoyed at the time, but I now appreciate that easy day.  I had 3 no shows, all new clients.   The truth about this kind of no show is that they couldn't get into their regular groomer, and went into panic mode.  Since we are one of the few places with more than one groomer, we generally can get people in sooner.  Invariably, these people get in at their regular place, and "forget" to cancel.  Really rude. 

The rest of the week was pretty nuts.  Lots of big messy dogs, lots of time consuming haircuts.  None was worse than Wednesday. 

I was a bit overbooked.  OF course, no one ever no shows when I'd like them to.  I was doing pretty well, until I went up front to take in a new "Golden Retriever Mix" client.  I was a bit shocked to see this:

I'm sad to say.. my poker face probably failed me.  I'm sure I completely gave away the fact that I was completely deflated by the realization that there was a Doodle attached to this Golden Retriever Mix's lineage.  Damn.   I kind of wanted to cry. This was the before.. It doesn't look that bad, and thankfully it was in decent shape, but I cut off 1/2 it's hair, and it was much more work than a Golden Mix that looked like a Golden would be.  Thankfully, the owner was not in a hurry, and the dog was perfectly behaved.  The correct term for this mix (actually I'm really happy the owner KNOWS it's a mix) would be Standard Poodle mix.  Yeah.. next time.

Just to show you that even the little ones were a mess on Wednesday.. here is a Westie.. before.  Nope, no time for an after shot, sorry.

This one shows just how dirty this little guy was, I refused to touch him with my clippers til he was bathed.  He lives on a cow farm.:

But then, in the midst of all the running around trying to stay on time, came the really crazy part of my day.  A request from the front desk to give a quote for a bath.  A BATH.. that should be quick, right?? RIGHT???

Me:  Hi, this is D, how can I help you.

Mr. Crazyperson:  Hi!!! (yep, with enthusiasm)  I have a Goldendoodle.  How much would you charge for a bath on her.  She really doesn't need any trimming yet.

Me:  Is she a puppy?

CP:  OH NO! (he starts talking a mile a minute)  She is 2 years old, smarter than any 50 year old.  (at this point I really wanted to ask if he was 50, I'm guessing so)  She's such a nice dog.  She rolled in the swamp the other day, and she was black up to her chest.  I had to drag her into the bathroom to clean her up. She hates the bathroom, I wonder why? (doesn't wait for a response).  I just think she needs a bath, how much would that be?

Me:  Well, what size is she? Do you know how much she weighs? 

CP:  How much she weighs??? HMM.. Maggie, How much do you weigh?? Why won't you tell me?? HAHA.. she is just like any other female.. she doesn't want to tell her weight.

Me:  (remember, I'm on a time schedule.. and I honestly have paraphrased the conversation up til now.. it was actually more wordy on his part)  Well, is she a full-sized Goldendoodle?  We do see Miniature ones.

CP: Oh, around 50 lbs.

I give him a price, then he asks for a full groom price, which takes another huge chunk of time while we talk in circles about the correct cut for a Goldendoodle.  I then try to pass him back to the receptionist.

Me:  Well, I don't have my schedule in front of me, so I'm going to have you speak to F again, and she will get that all sorted out. 

CP:  Oh, ok.  Well, I'd like to get in next Friday.  My daughter and I are going on a road trip and Maggie is going with us.  He then goes on to tell me the exact route, including which roads he will take.  Seriously?

I finally disengage myself from him after 10 minutes of this discussion.  When F came back later in the day, I asked her if she thought the guy was drunk, or at least had possible taken one to many trips to Starbucks that day?  She had the same problem with him.  She started the conversation out with "when would you like to make your appointment" and ended the conversation with a discussion on artificial insemination.  Yes, my friends, he wants to breed his Goldendoodle.  He told her he had been reading up on it, and knew that sometimes dogs just "aren't in the mood" and you were forced to artificially inseminate.  He then went on to tell her all about how the semen is obtained.  Really?? It made my road trip story seem like the better end of the deal.

He did make the appointment.  I can't wait to see this guy in person.  It should be very interesting! I'm kind of scared.  Of course, who knows if he will actually show up.

Have a great weekend! 

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