Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just down the block from crazy street...

People bring in odd things sometimes for their pets during their stay in our boarding department.  Recently a dog came in with hamburgers.. like from McDonalds.. one to be given each day, along with his dogfood. We had a cat years ago that would come in with his own supply of Whitefish, from the swanky fish shop down the street.  That cat was to get his fish every day at 4 pm.  The cat could tell time very accurately.   You never were late with Scooter's fish, unless you were deaf, that is.

Today a cat came in for boarding.  Along with the usual bedding, large baggie full of toys (many, many toys), and his special food, there was an item we've never seen before in boarding land.  A sound machine.  You know, like the ones people use to play certain noises to help them relax or fall asleep?  The cat had his own sound machine!! Then came the instructions.  He must have the machine dialed to "summer rain" at night.  Then, during daily "naptime" it should be turned to "rainstorm".  The staff checking in the pet for it's stay thought the owner was kidding.  He most certainly was not.  Dead serious.  He then insisted we turn the volume all the way up for kitty.

Some questions.  Does a cat enjoy sounds, other than the sound of the food dish being filled?  I've heard of people leaving the tv on for their dog, and never really bought into it.  Cats just seem too into themselves, to listen to recordings of sound. (?)  How the hell will we know when naptime is?  Don't cats nap 23 hours a day?  What time is bedtime?  So many questions.

J asked the most important one.  Why rain sounds? Anyone know a cat that enjoys rain?  She promptly turned it to "rainforest". (SHH, don't tell on us) It had loud birds chirping, with a little rain for good measure.  The other cat boarding in the next cage was quite interested and immediately started looking for the birdies.  As for the owner of the sound machine?  No change, curled up deep in his blankets, hiding from us all.  

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  1. At least the cat was used to something soothing. Could've been death metal or opera or something nasty and screetchy!