Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Make Hay While the Sun Shines.

This week is the busiest week of the year for most groomers.  There is never a more important time for your pet to look it's best than Christmas.  Dogs are travelling with their owners to visit relatives, and no one likes to ride in the car with a stinky dog. Plus,  if you want to be asked to visit again next year, its best to have clean pets that aren't shedding all over the place along.  This time of year offers lots of photo ops as well, and "Fluffy" must look her best.

Here's the thing about getting your pet groomed for Christmas...  You want it clean the week of Christmas, not 10 days before, not 3 days after.  I understand, really I do, it's hard to keep dogs clean.  But, it's hard for me to fit in ALL the clients that want an appointment this week.  This week it's a 4 day window, as Friday is Christmas Eve and I'm off that day. 

I believe I have mentioned before that I work on commission.  So, I groom and groom and groom this week, to make up for the dark days after Christmas when there will be very little income.  Things will pick back up in February, but until then, pretty much if your dog hasn't been groomed before Christmas, you no longer have the money to get it groomed.  Especially, since who cares if the dog is dirty AFTER Grandma leaves?

Yesterday there was a snowstorm here, which was still going on this morning, so I had 3 dogs cancel, and no one wanted to fill those appointment.  This will apparently be known as my "rest" day.  Wednesday is really busy and Thursday is just insane. 

I will do my best to fit everyone in, by taking no lunches and very few bathroom breaks.  You think I'm kidding.  I'm not. 

I'll be tired out, by Christmas Eve, but my clientele is generally very grateful and generous at this time of year.  Every dog goes out the door with a Holiday bandanna or festive bows, and it's actually a pretty fun week.  Just don't ask me to go to Mexico the week of Christmas..I'll be working.


  1. How crazy!!!! I would honestly feel bad swamping my groomer by visiting this week...she's already good about taking real emergencies with elderly dogs who poop themselvs and whatnot. I suppose it's too much to tell people the dog wouldn't smell if they actually took care of it in the interim, but then you'd be out a job!

  2. Ha! It's people like you who I LIKE to get in this week. You all deserve perfect looking pups, as you take care of them the rest of the year too. I remind my regulars that "Christmas is coming" and most of them make their appointments ahead. We are constantly making the comment "this one shouldn't have gotten in before Christmas", which means they don't care about the dog the rest of the year. Constant no-showers also get the shaft this week, if we can get away with it.