Thursday, December 2, 2010

More exciting presents.

Today I groomed a 8 month old Shih Tzu who can be a bit of a brat.  His very 1st groom(when he was 10 weeks old), ended badly with the frustrated groomer calling  his owner to pick him up...unfinished.    I met the little demon and his owner when I gave a grooming talk at a local puppy class.  The instructor took me aside and wanted me to consult with them after class, as apparently the dog had been a problem for him as well.  He acted pretty full of himself, but only struggled a bit when I gave him a nail trim.  She was surprised, and pleased that we "seemed to get along".  She booked an appointment with me 6 weeks ago.    The little guy had his moments that first groom, but nothing like she was describing (thankfully).  After hearing more about his behaviors, I strongly recommending neutering. 

Today, I repeated my plea for canine castration.  Though he was nearly perfect for me, and obviously respects me, at home things are a bit different.   I gave her my unsolicited opinion once more, to which she happily replied  "We already have the appointment set, he's getting neutered for Christmas".

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