Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today's awesome referral

I rely alot on referrals.  I appreciate each and every one of them.  Today I had a client get me some business and she didn't even know it. 

She and her daughter came in to bring the dogs in (all 5 of them) for grooms today. It was a crazy time of day and there were also dogs being checked in to see the Dr. in the lobby.  They handed me the leashes of the 1st two, and gave me the following instructions.  "I'm so sick of the hair, it's all over my house.  Take care of that for me, will you?"  I responded simply: "No problem, we'll de-hair them for you".  Off she went to retrieve the next bunch from the car.    On my way to the back with the first dogs, I heard a woman who had a large Labrador at the end of her leash, say "Wait!  I want that. I have alot of hair in my house!"  " Could I get that??"    Her dog was having minor surgery today, and sure enough the Dr. asked me to give them a quote.  I can't wait to de-hair her dog tomorrow.. she's going to be so happy.

In the meantime,  I need to send a card of thanks to that client, whose simple statement of what she  expected  me to do for her dogs that day, made another client pay attention.

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