Monday, August 1, 2011

Today's Special Gift.

No.. you aren't getting a gift.  Relax.  That would be nice though, huh?  Your gift today will be reading this post.  Nice, right?  I'm generous like that.

Today, while I was holding a tiny puppy in my arms, (she maybe weighed 2 lbs) I felt a warm sensation start on my shirt, then it spread to my leg.  Yes, I was peed on.  I jumped up from the stool I was sitting on and pulled my smock away from my clothing, but it was too late.    Thankfully, this doesn't happen very often.  This little dog apparently has the bladder of a Newfoundland.  I would have never believed that dog had it in her.  Especially since she had already gone earlier in the AM.   Lucky for me it was late in the day, and I was able to leave soon after, so I could get into some urine-free clothing.  So, that was the gift I didn't want. 

Once in a while when accidents like this happen, employees have been known to have to go home, and re-dress for the day.  One girl was cleaning kennels on the bottom level, when the dog above her lifted his leg ON HER HEAD.  Yeah.. she was allowed to go home and shower.  Some of our employees live too far to go all the way home.  One technician was holding a dog for me.  He was too big for a table, and he was not a nice dog.  They were going to sedate him for grooming.  While all this was going on he had diarrhea.  Right on her white shoe.  Off to Target for some replacement shoes she went.  (wearing another employee's spares to shop in)  There was just no amount of  cleaning that would help  the pair she came to work in, they went in the dumpster. 

I did actually get a nice gift today.  My friend brought in her Lab for a nail trim.  The dog is recovering from an injury, so she stayed to help hold the dog.  Apparently a nail trim wasn't what the dog had in mind for the day, and she gave us a bit of trouble.  Nothing too bad, just some snarky moments.  I thought nothing of it, as I see much worse every day.   When she came back to pick up her other dog, who had stayed for a bath, she came bearing a gift bag full of goodies along with this note:

How cute is that?  Of course, I'm not sure Jadah gave permission for her owner to write it.. pretty sure she doesn't think she's lucky to have me trim her nails.  She's like a little kid, whose  Mom made them apologize for something they are not sorry for at all!  Hilarious, though!  At least one of my gifts today was a good one.

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