Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween is over, people.

My magic wand went back in the closet.

Believe me, I wish I had a magic wand, or some magical potion.  How about that "nose wiggle" thing Samantha had on Bewitched? That would be cool.  I'd certainly be the richest groomer EVER, if I had any of that stuff.

Lots of people think I have some special equipment; brushes, combs, cremes, lotions, you name it.  This special "groomer only " stuff works on matting, and tangles, not to mention bad home haircuts.

I wish. 

Sadly,  we are often heard saying "my brush doesn't work any better than yours does".  If people don't put in the work on a long coat, I can't save what's too far gone.  If you chop the hair above your dog's eyes back to scalping length, I can't perform a miracle.. it's going to have to grow back. 

Here's a great example of a call I took the other day.  Apparently someone had given them my name as a miracle worker, and I apologize to them that I couldn't be more help.

Client:  My dog rolled in something, and it stained his long white coat.  What can I use to get it out?

Me:  What do you think it is? Have you tried bathing him at home?

C:  Not sure, it's brown.  Yes, I've bathed him multiple times, even using laundry bluing, and nothing works.  I looked it up on the internet and they recommend a mixture of peroxide and woolite, do you think that would work??

Me:  Peroxide sounds like it would be a bit harsh.   Woolite could work, it would be worth trying, but be sure to heavily condition your dog's coat afterward. 

C: But the internet said it's the mixture of the peroxide and woolite that actually gets rid of the stain.  They also said it needs to be peroxide used by human stylists.

Me: Well, I guess it's worth a try, but I've never used anything like that, so I don't know how it would be on your dog's skin. 

C:  I tried to get the peroxide from a beauty supply store, but they won't let me buy it, because I don't have a cosmetology license.  I tried to get my hairdresser to buy it for me, but she won't.  I even tried to get them to bathe my dog, but they won't bath dogs at their shop.  <no kidding>  Do you think that peroxide would work?

Me:  I don't know, I've never used it. (maybe she think's I have a cosmetology license??)  My guess is that you have a very badly stained coat and nothing I have here will work to get it out.  It will probably have to wear out, or you may need to cut it and start over if it's really bad.

C:  But, what do you use on white poodles and show dogs???

Me:  If they are stained, I haven't found much that works that well.

C: Well, what do the show dog owners do when this happens? 

Me: (now getting a bit less patient)  Show dog people don't let their dogs run around outside and roll in things like that.  They protect their dog's coats.

C:  Oh, well, I hoped you would have something to give me that would work.

M: I'm sorry... Good luck..

I wish I could've helped, I really do.  However, anything I could have sold her wouldn't have worked.  I'm not in the practice of just taking people's money, when I know they won't be satisfied.  After all her bathing at home, I was sure any products I use, just would not have worked.

Yet again, no magic wand.  Bummer.

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  1. Ugh. And the thought of someone like that liberally using peroxide... Which blinds if it gets in the eye... horrifying.