Friday, January 27, 2012

I fill you up!

Today J relayed a story to me, which I just had to share. 

She had friends over at her house, and as is the norm for most of us that work in the pet industry, she got some questions from one of them regarding a problem with her dog.  She was unhappy that her dog was overweight, and couldn't figure out why this dog was fat.  "I take her for walks on the deer trails all the time"  "She doesn't eat much"  etc, etc. 

Then came the famous question we all must ask when weight issues come up.  "How much do you actually feed her?"  Normally the answer is something like "I just fill up the dish, and when it's gone, I refill it".  Not this time!  This woman knew exactly how much she was feeding her dog. 

"She just gets a Red Solo Cup full of food twice a day"
HA!!!!!!!!!  Not a blue solo cup.. but a red one! Now, anyone want to venture a guess as to how much is actually in a red solo cup?  We aren't talking about any other color.. no clue what they hold. :)  J happened to have one, so she measured it. 

3 1/2 Cups!!  Yeah.. that was 7 cups of food a day for a mid sized dog. Plus treats, I'm guessing.   I said they might want to look into a Dixie cup from now on!  J sent them home with her dog food measuring cup, so maybe the dog will lose some weight now.

Just in case someone reading this, doesn't get the reference, I thought I'd share the video for "Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith.  Pure entertainment.  Enjoy!

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