Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Don't quit your day job.. err.. your pre-school play group...???

Today's appointment schedule was once more 50% badly matted, neglected dogs coming in for that "spring cut".. or actually "summer cut" with the warm weather we've been having. 

A regular pair of matted wonders arrived this morning.  By regular, I mean they have been coming in no more than 3 times per year, for the past 12 years.  They are always a huge mess. The owner is aware we give them one choice of haircut. We cut it all off.  It's the only choice for these curly, thick coated dogs.  This time, they came in with very uneven coats.  I barely notice.. we have many clients who try to "get by" in between grooms by hauling out the scissors.  The client thought she should explain.  "My Grandson tried to give them a haircut".  I reply, jokingly, "I see that... he should maybe keep his day job".  Deadly serious, she responds "He's 5!!"  Oh.. ok... I didn't really have much to say after that.

Why?  I don't have kids.. so maybe I'm just confused.  Do you let 5 year olds have sharp scissors?  If so.. WHY would you let a 5 year old try to give your dog a haircut???  Seems like I was just really mastering the art of cutting paper at that age.  I guess today's kids really are growing up fast. 

My take on the story?  I believe (or at least, I hope) that the owner actually did the damage.  She swiftly realized that it looked like a 5 year old did it, and wanted to explain the mess, somehow.  Who knows. 

My job just might become boring without these types of people!


  1. I'm so blaming my labs hair on a 5 year old!! :)

  2. Funny given my current FB status :)

  3. I breed OldEnglish Sheepdogs, and several years ago I took back a female I sold to a family. They left her alone with their 6-year-old son who wanted to cut her hair so she could see better. He ended up scarring the dog's eye. after this "accident" I took the bitch back and told the owners they should be glad I didn't call the authorities to tell them they left their kid alone with sharp scissors to play with. Lucky the kid didn't get injured and good for them that they chose this breed as the bitch didn't bite the kid. Her eye never recovered fully, she lost vision on that eye, but still lives happily with my brothers' family.

  4. Wow, Kelly, that is horrible! Glad you got her back, who knows what would've happened to her..
    Thanks for reading the blog!

  5. We once had to surgically repair a laceration made by an adult using child's safety scissors to cut mattes out of her ear. bet ya she paid the groomer to do it next time...

  6. I am guessing that was the case. Everyone assumes its an easy job, until they try it. :). Thanks for reading the blog!!