Friday, March 2, 2012

It's just wrong.

I really need to get something off my chest.

I'm fine with you being your dog's "Dad" or "Mom". Really, I am, it's ok.  It doesn't make me uncomfortable at all.

I do wonder about people that call their spouses or worse yet (not sure why it's worse, it just IS) their significant other by that same term of endearment.

Today it came up in a conversation with a client.

It was go home time, and I offered to help "Tootsie" into her new pink jacket, before she went out into the cold.  The female owner, probably in her 50's, said "No, it's ok, Daddy will help us".  Hmmm... I look around.. wondering who Daddy is.  He didn't come in at check in time that morning.  Oh.. here he comes.. Large bikerish (ok, bikerish may not be a word, but you know exactly of what I speak.)  guy comes out of the restroom, just in time to help Tootsie into her jacket.  Daddy.. was most definitely her husband.  NOT her Dad.  EW.  We have a few clients that talk this way.  It just makes me cringe.  Hopefully I kept it to myself.  I sometimes think (hope?) that they are insinuating that the DOG is calling their husband "Daddy".  I'm always proven wrong.  Ok. enough of that topic.  Sorry.

Just to make this blog post actually about grooming, here are some photos of my most recent humane society donation grooming.  He was bigger than I usually do for free, but what the heck, the big guy certainly needed help.  I'm always really sad when these Giant breeds are purchased by the wrong people, who just thought it would be "cool" to own a really big dog.  SURPRISE!   Once the "cute and fluffy" puppy stage is over, they eat and poop ALOT.  Oh, and they drool, and they will drag you around everywhere if you neglect to teach them some form of manners.  This guy was actually not super huge, for a male, and was very nice looking.  Sadly, he is lacking manners in a big, big way.  He was however, very sweet.  Hope the right home comes his way.

Before.. drool city and STINKY!

After:  So Handsome!


  1. Wow what a handsome guy! He's lucky he got to be groomed by you. Hopefully someone comes along that's really good at teaching manners. That is sad.

    And the prior rant? Yeah, that is definitely weird. I think that would make me a little nuts too!

  2. Nice job on the grooming!!! :)

  3. I bet that was a LOT of time spent getting that dog as gorgeous as you did! WOW!

  4. May I offer some perspective on the "Mom" "Dad" spouse phenomenon. I believe you mentioned earlier in one of your posts that you never had kids. Well, if you did, you might understand why some people have this habit. It is formed when spouses get in the habit of referring to the spouse in the following way when speaking to their children for many years, for example:
    "Go ask Dad" as opposed to "Go ask your Dad"
    "Is Mom downstairs?" as opposed to "Is your Mom downstairs?"

    Pretty soon "Mom" or "Dad" is simply another household name for that individual. I can see how it would make some people uncomfortable, but I can honestly say I've done it myself in public without even thinking about it out of habit. I guess I'll pay more attention to who's listening next time. :)

  5. Lol I call my significant other our dogs "daddy" but always as a reference to him being THEIR daddy not MINE lol. Same as my mom is "grandma" to them.