Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Transformations

Only one of these was actually from today, but I've been making an effort to take more before/after shots for my workplace's facebook page.  People do seem to love them.

Here is a beautiful Shih Tzu.. whose owner actually owns a brush!!!!! She has kept him in full coat, but once in a while she gets tired of the care and has me give him a haircut.  He's cute either way.

Here he is during the groom.. look at all the coat the owner won't have to brush for a while!
For the groomers reading this, I used a 5/8 blade for his body, then scissored his legs.

The finished product.  He refused to look at the camera for the "after" shot.  Brat!  He looks a bit stuck up in this one. :)

Then, we have someone who knew enough to bring a puppy in for it's 1st grooming at the right time!!  This little Westie puppy didn't need much yet, as their hair takes some time to come in.  His owner told me he was a "handful" and then told the dog "you are going to learn some lessons today!" HA!  There was no sympathy in her voice.  Sure enough, he had some Terrier attitude, but he was smart enough to quickly realize what kind of person he was dealing with.  (a stubborn one)  I think he was a a really big transformation!


Wow! Right??  I hardly took any hair off!  Terriers are almost always a really fun transformation.
I'm so relieved he came in when he did, though.  At this age, he's still more "trainable".  He gave up quickly, when I wanted him to hold still and stop biting me and the clipper.  We had a very pleasant end to his haircut, and you can bet he will remember, even if they don't come in for another 3 months.  Older puppies who have added hormones to their bag of tricks, tend to insist they are the boss.  This problem is compounded by owners giving them a very clear message that the puppies  ARE in charge.  I honestly don't care how they act when they are with their owners, but they do need to behave for me. 

I do offer advice, on how to help with behaviors at home.  Also, if a puppy is esepecially naughty about something specific, like his feet, then I have them work with the dog at home on it.  Some even take my advice!  


  1. Brushes work...damn :) LOVE the before and after photos!!!

  2. Great Before and Afters! Love the Westie.
    Lisa, MFF

  3. Ha! L.. yes, but they only work if people use them.
    Thanks Lisa!