Friday, February 10, 2012

The Blame Game

Today, we had a typical "blamer" come in.  These people like to make excuses about why their dog is matted and/or overdue for a groom.

Client:  I want you to leave Fluffy longer than last time.

Groomer:  Well, that really isn't possible today.  Looks like Fluffy hasn't been in to see us since August.  Bichons do need to come in for haircuts a bit more often than that.  I'm afraid he will actually have to be shorter than he was in August, due to the matted condition of his coat.

Client:  Well, I TRIED to get him in at Christmas and YOU were too busy to fit him in!  That is why he is matted. 

* What we'd like to say*

Yes, I'm sure it is our fault that although you have been getting Fluffy groomed here for 11 years, and should have known we are busy at Christmas,  you didn't get the appointment you wanted.

Perhaps you could have brushed Fluffy, even though you couldn't get in for a haircut.

IT IS NOW FEBRUARY 10TH!!!!!!!!!  Why didn't you bring him in AFTER Christmas?  We had openings pretty much every day from December 26th until today.

Hmm.. Fluffy should have had 2 haircuts between August and now.. what happened in October?  Pretty sure we weren't too busy.

On a more pleasant, less bitchy note...

This stunning Labrador was groomed by J.  She is headed to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show.  We hope she wins the breed, so we can see her on TV!  
Good Luck, Lacey!


  1. Love labs, especially yellow labs.
    Sorry about the craziness you have to put up with. It is a case of don't shoot the messanger.

  2. Grrrrr. I swear I'd have to smack people if I were in your job. I wouldn't last long :)