Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lucky dog!

Today, a friend  came from two hours away, to have his dog fluffed, buffed, conditioned and to have her nails done.  After she left me, looking and smelling great, she was headed to a hour long massage. 

Most humans don't have that kind of awesome Valentines Day, at least this human sure doesn't! 

I (along with the vet clinic I work for) donate groomings to our local humane society.  I love doing it, and hope the dogs get a home faster with a fresh haircut.  I was surprised when the "Terrier mix" they said they had for me, turned out to be a purebred Welsh Terrier!  She was brought in as a stray from animal control. Why didn't someone look for this dog???  It amazes me how many purebreds there are in the shelters.  I can't say it enough.. spay and neuter your pets!!  She is a sweetie, and I'm confident she will find her new home quickly!



One of the girls I work with actually didn't believe it was the same dog, once I was done.  It was a pretty fun transformation.  


  1. What a lovely pup! So glad she's looking very nice. It won't take her long to find a new place. We just got one in rescue that made me ask the same question - sweet, good looking dog - where's his family? Oh well, he'll have a wonderful new one now!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful dog! You did a great job :)

  3. Great job! What a great thing you do for these dogs.