Thursday, February 24, 2011

Silence is golden.

Sometimes the things that my clients say cause an instant reaction.  Most of the time, rolling my eyes would be that reaction.  Thankfully, I have learned to control that one,I've  actually trained myself to not react to a eye roll inducing statement.  It's hard.  Really. Hard. 

Some things that they say are  shocking, disgusting even,  but many times things don't come out exactly as they meant them, or perhaps more information is needed before a comment or response is warranted.  Today, I was very glad I withheld comment until listening for "the rest of the story".

Client (shih tzu cross owner):  You know, give him a good haircut, and a really good bath.  He really, really, stinks from that goat.

I pause...and all that comes to mind is "DO THEY HAVE A GOAT LIVING IN THEIR HOUSE???!!"  I know the dog lives in the house...and I also think they live in town...what the?  She then prompts me to remember that for a couple of months now, they have been feeding him a raw diet of goat meat to help with his skin problem. OH...yeah...  Whew...thank goodness.. HA! I'm really glad my filter was on today.


  1. My imagination would have run rampant on that comment!!! LOL