Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Transformation

I'd really rather spotlight the beautiful haircuts we give dogs every day, but after yesterday's post, I thought this one would be good. 

This dog was groomed by my co-worker, J.  Luckily, nothing was caught in it's hair, and in fact it was quite clean.  A few too many baths without brushing.  Though there isn't much for style here, shaving down a dog with this degree of matting takes some skill.  The coat is so tight to the body, that nicking the skin is much easier. 

Here is what he looked like early on in the grooming process (sorry for the rotten photos..I had to use my phone again).:

Here is the view as the matting starts to come off.

Here he is in his "pile of hair", feeling better already!

And...J had to cut this off in one piece:
And...the finished product.  Short, not much style, but a comfortable and happy dog!

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