Thursday, June 16, 2011

Backpacking, anyone?

Many times our clients bring "stuff" along with their dogs.  Sometimes it's a blanket from home, maybe a bone or a toy.  I'm sure somewhere in some dog book, this is highly recommended for any time your dog is away from you.  I'm here to set you straight.  That's why you read this blog, right?  The helpful tips?  The insanely accurate information?  Right?  HA!  Ok, so it's totally the mohawk photos...I know, I know.

Though I'm sure somewhere some dog is grateful their owner sent "binky" the bunny rabbit along for their day at the groomers.  But other than a select few that will eat a treat sent from home, no dog ever uses this stuff.  We dutifully put it in with them, we really do our best.   This stuff tends to be hard to keep track of, since we do have to remove it during the drying process.  Then, if we aren't the ones to send the dog home with it's owner, we have to leave a detailed list of what the dog brought, to assure it all gets back to it's rightful home.   Sometimes storage is a problem, like the time an owner brought half a 40 lb bag of open dog food for a dog that "missed breakfast".  Really? 

I know it looks bad that there are still 7 treats left over, and the food hasn't been touched, but for some reason, dogs just aren't interested in eating while we have them.   I'm sure the owners think we don't even give them what they bring.   Most dogs aren't visibly stressed, so I have no idea what the problem is.  One of our employees will walk along giving each grooming dog a treat.  She's always a bit offended when no one seems interested in her special treat.

Here is a backpack brought by a small dog.  Yes...a backpack.  I guess I should be glad it wasn't a suitcase on wheels.   She usually arrives a bit before 8AM and leaves by 3:30 PM.    Let's take a look inside, shall we?

Wow! That's a mighty big bone for such a small dog.  I'd also like to point out the high quality sealed containers.  Nice.

Ah..lunch.  Interesting food, very colorful.  I offered it to the dog. I came by 10 minutes later and she had spilled the whole dish all over her cage.  I guess she wasn't really that hungry.

Last but not least, dessert.  She did eat some of these.  I however didn't offer them all to her.  That seems like alot of treats for a 12 lb dog.  I thought she should save some for after supper.  

I'd like to clarify something.  If your dog has special dietary needs (like he becomes ill if he isn't fed on a strict schedule), of course bring his food.  We will absolutely do our best to get them to eat it. However if it's at all possible, save everything for later, when they are back at home.


  1. Aw. You guys are great.

    Staying so sweet to the owners.
    Some folks don't get it that the dog is not a child.

    This post made me really smile.

    You keep smiling, too. Okay?