Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let's celebrate!

Today one of my good clients brought in her dog that really struggles with weight loss.  Translation:  My client struggles with not feeding pounds of treats to her dog.  Today, when the dog stepped onto the scale, she had lost one pound.  On a 15 pound dog, that is a big deal.  We were all very happy for her.

My customer's reaction however, really made me laugh. 
"One pound!?" " That's great!!"  "I'm going to go home and have a beer". 

My client is in her 70's and it was 11 AM.   She knows how to celebrate, wish I could've joined her.


  1. That's sweet! One of my agility classmates does the weigh-in for all her dogs on our class day so she reports how many ounces they've lost in their Biggest Loser competition between her Havs :)

  2. Oh. Doggie weigh-ins for agility class.
    There's an idea.

    Too bad the agility class where I assist the trainer is just for fun. If these people were serious about having their dogs compete I would totally be on them to drop the pounds off their dogs.

    I call those dogs 'well loved' but it breaks my heart to think about how all that 'love' is slowly wearing them out and killing them early.