Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maybe a bit more sleep is in order.

One of my 1st clients of the morning had this crazy exchange with me today.

So, Joanna, what time will you have my dog done today?? 

Uh...those of you that read this blog  know my name starts with a "D".  Yes, she is a regular client that actually requests me.   Oh well, I answer to most anything.

My dog needs to see a Dr. today, she has been limping.  I'm pretty sure it's not reticulitis (sp??) again.  I think she just sprained something.

What the heck?? Reticulitus?? I suppose I should google it.  I'm guessing she thinks it's a tickbourne disease?? 

And, last but not least: 
Also, her hotflashes are doing great.  I really keep them under control with the shorter haircuts.  I have some salve at home just in case she gets one, though.

Ok, I did correct her this time.  She meant Hot SPOTs. 

I can't make this Sh*t up.

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