Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No real issues... and Mystery Mix of the day.

Today I had a new client come in.  I was expecting a Dachshund, which was what the appointment said.  As I've said before, many times people have ideas about their breed that aren't quite accurate.  I was expecting a small short-haired dog.  Yes, I know Dachshunds come in a long-haired variety, but most people are more than willing to let you know that is what they have. 

They also had another older dog along for a groom.  He told me all about that dog, his habits, the fact he had arthritis and has a hard time standing, etc, etc.  When it was time to talk about the other dog, he didn't have much to say at first.  "No real issues with this one".  "Well, except he might bite you".  HUH?  Thanks for letting me know, buddy.  "yeah, he can be touchy".  "Oh really, what is he touchy about?" I ask.  "well, he really hates it when people touch him".  That IS helpful.  Because, I'm sure I won't have to touch him at all today.  Thankfully, the dog had no problem at all with me, and no one got bit. 

Now, back to his breed.  Here is what he looked like:

Yes, my phone sucks as a camera..sorry.
 He actually does have a tail, apparently he wagged it right at the time I took the picture.  Cute, right?  I noticed that he had these big huge ears, so I held them up to see what he looked like with them pricked.

Suddenly, he's a Corgi mix!  Really cool dog, especially since he let me touch him.  It made grooming him tons easier!  Mix breeds are so fun, I wonder if I'm right? 

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