Tuesday, November 16, 2010

False Advertising

Many times I have to fix home haircuts, many of which involve some bloodshed for the poor animal.  I get it,  that to many people, shaving down a dog seems very easy.  "What's the big deal, just shave it down!?"  Surprisingly, it does take some skill, and more importantly, the correct equipment. 

One client (who had 4 dogs, so I certainly understand why she would want to save some money) thought that she'd buy a $40.00 clipper from the local big box store and give the dogs haircuts.  She soon realized that she was in over her head, and called to make an emergency fix appointment for the first victim.  Luckily, she hadn't caused him any harm, but he did look pretty funny with 1/2  a haircut, most of which was shaved down to surgical blade length.  She came in for her appointment in tears, saying, "It said on the box: saves you time, saves you money!"  "It took me half the day to do this, and it still isn't finished, and now I have to pay you to fix it."  "Talk about false advertising!"  I felt bad for her, and fixed the dog to the best of my ability. (some of it just wasn't fixable, luckily hair grows)  I'm guessing the new clipper went in the garbage, or on the next garage sale, an expensive lesson, all the way around.

Just FYI..I will give people suggestions if they ask what they could use to trim their dogs at home.  I get it that money is tight.  I feel that if I give them good info, they will still recommend me to others, as well as come back when they decide it's just easier for me to groom their dog (which honestly, is usually what happens).

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