Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lost in Translation

As a groomer, I have learned a second language.  It's the language of pet owners dropping their pets off for a grooming appointment.  It is extremely cryptic.  Here are just a few examples:

"I brush him as often as I can" translates to:  I don't brush my dog

"The kids were supposed to brush him" =  No one brushes the dog, but let's blame the kids.

"I don't know where these matts came from, he was all brushed out last night" =  ???  (Seriously, we get this one ALL the time!)

"He's never bitten anyone" = He's great until you try to touch him.

 "She can be a little nippy" = The last 2 groomers we tried, now refuse to let us come back.

 "She gets really cold if you trim her hair too short" = I know she is really matted, but I like her left long.

 "I've been grooming him myself!" = He will no longer allow me to do anything with him, so I thought I'd take him to a professional.

"That awful groomer I brought him to last time SHAVED him!"  = My dog was horribly matted/hadn't been groomed in a year,  and the groomer had no choice.    (I realize there is a chance that it really was a bad groomer, but many times that is not the case)

Stay tuned for more..I get them every day!

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