Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Your bad planning is not my emergency.

I feel like most holidays are pretty well advertised.  Somehow they always seem to take people by surprise.  Not quite a week until Thanksgiving, and it's already starting.  Mrs. Procrastinator calls at Noon today.  "I need to get my dog in this afternoon for grooming"  Receptionist: "we are full for appointments today, but we could get you in tomorrow"  Mrs. P:  "OH NO!  If I can't get in today, then I won't be able to come in until after Thanksgiving."  Sorry Mrs. P...


  1. *groan* And to think I feel bad when I only give my groomer 2 weeks notice that I need to get the dogs in.

  2. I SO wish you were my customer. :)

  3. Sadly, this is the same story, year after year. "I don't operate off of YOUR schedule, Mrs. P."